Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day Three: Inspired by your Country


My country is 
New Zealand...
and yes, I do love it...
admittedly from time to time Government and elections tire me out,
but all in all New Zealand is awesome.

These nails are painted to represent different aspects of New Zealand, our country and culture...

Left Hand:
NZ Flag, Green Stone Carving, Kiwi Fruit, Maori design, Silver Fern

Right Hand
Maori Design, Kiwi Fruit, Pukeko (NZ Native Bird My Favourite Bird - they're a bit dorkey and cute!), Kiwi Bird (Yes, it's a pretty bad representation), Silver Fern

hope you like them.. what do you think?

And don't forget to check out the other bloggers participating....


  1. Oh wow! I love them, well done :) xox

  2. Man you're good now! I love the wee pukeko!

  3. So cute! The Maori design would be fun to do on all nails. . . I may have to do that someday. :)