Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day Seven: Black and White...


Black and White nails...
I sort of failed at doing my right hand... (it was supposed to be a mirror of the left hand)
but here look at my pretty left hand! 
I'm actually very pleased with the end result and hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

I used Revlon White on White, Australis Black Mail, a new cheap black polish from K-Mart, L.A. Art Deco colours Black and White.


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  2. They look awesome I reckon :) x

  3. I love all the different patterns! How did you do your middle finger?

    1. thanks!
      The middle finger is done using "sugar spun" technique.
      First I painted my finger white, then resting it on a piece of paper (or ice-cream tub lid) I put a blog of black paint on the paper next to my finger on both sides. I then get a tooth-pick and mix it through a blob until it's a bit tacky. then slowly lift the tooth-pick (nail polish should be sticking to the tooth-pick and sort of stringy) and pull this across my nail (SLOWLY), then do the same from the other side, and so-on and so-on...
      One day perhaps I'll do a tutorial...