Monday, December 3, 2012

Day Four: Floral manicure....


Today, Day Four, is a floral manicure! 
The theme is flowers!
and I made them matte...

So I did begin this manicure with ideas and pictures in my head of the cutes navy blue manicure with white perfectly shaped daises (like one of the BEST, prettiest, simplest flowers...)

However as you can see, this didn't quite happen...
am I upset? 

I really like this manicure regardless (a little bit gutted my white nail polish turned blue...)

You like them too?
The base is Kleancolour Neon Sapphire, Revlon White on White for the flowers, and Australis Rub-a-dub-dub for the flower centres...
all covered in elf Matte top-coat.

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  1. These are so cute! I have a question for you, in my blog list on my dashboard I see you post future themes and then when I click on them they are not there. Can I ask why?

    1. I can answer this! From what I understand she's quite a few days already prepared and accidentally published them early. They'll be back on the right days though.

    2. Ah, thanks for the info Jessie!

    3. yeah, I'm really sorry about that, my little blogger had a bit of a malfunction when I added the linky thing... I think I have them under control now...
      but still at least you had the surprise of the photos aye? ;)

  2. I LOVE THESE! I love the matte look, but don't have any matte nail polish. I think I will have to invest.

    1. Just get a top coat. I love Essie's Matte About You. A tip though, if you are putting it over a design, use your regular top coat first, and then the matte top coat. The reason for this is the matte tends to streak things, at least for me, and it seems to take longer to dry the underlying polishes.

  3. Super adorable! I love the matte look.

  4. They are so cute! I think the pale blue is pretty :) The matte looks awesome too! xox